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The 9/11 Children Painting Was Donated To The US Military Veterans Foundation.

The painting was used to raise almost $6000 for a family in need. They will be displaying your painting proudly above their fireplace. It was a blessing seeing how their lives were forever changed after 9/11. The husband has deployed 8 times as special forces. He received over 26 concussions and has 9 kids. Your painting was displayed at a total of 11 events and all day at Raleigh Country Club Army VS Navy Golf Tournament. The wife that took your painting home was given an instruction paper on the care and maintenance of your painting.

Thank you for your generous donation to the US Military Veterans Foundation.

Crissy Roberts
US Military Veterans Foundation

Thank you Crissy, It is an honor and great happiness to know that the painting helped a family in need. http://www.clinapolloni.com/paintings/people_1.html

Clina Polloni

The 9/11 Children Painting