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Murphy Pet Portrait Progression and Supply.

When I was commissioned to paint Murphy’s Pet Portrait, I was fascinated by the way he was seating, so proud and distinguished. Also loved the many colors of his hair. Here is the progression and supply of his painting:

Canvas: 11″x14″

1. Draw and paint the under paint: It was done in acrylics because they dry faster and it gives you the opportunity to paint immediately.


  1. Cerulean Blue
  2. Yellow Ochre
  3. Raw Sienna
  4. Cadmium Red Medium
  5. Ivory Black

2. Paint the background: It is basically the sky, grass and tree. Now I started painting with oils.


  1. Titanium White
  2. Cerulean Blue
  3. Ultramarine Blue
  4. Cadmium Yellow Light
  5. Sap Green or Hookers Green
  6. Greenish Umber
  7. Yellow Ochre
  8. Raw Sienna
  9. Ivory Black

3. Start up with Murphy’s face: It will give you a better understanding.

4. Paint Murphy with oils: Put special detail in the eyes and his hair.


  1. Titanium White
  2. Cadmium Yellow Light
  3. Yellow Ochre
  4. Raw Sienna
  5. Burnt Sienna
  6. Raw Umber
  7. Burnt Umber
  8. Ivory Black

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