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Latino Voices in Duke and Durham explores facets of the formation of Latino identity in the U.S. through representations in Arts.

Casa de Campo

Clina Polloni conversed to students about her paintings and life experiences in the development of the Arts. Dr. Anderson explained ” We believe that through your nuanced perspective, you could impart a lot of knowledge on the students and positively impact them”.

“Latinos in/en Durham” is a project intended to document and raise awareness about the history and experiences of Latinos that live in Durham.  The website is intended to serve as an educational resource for schools and the general public by using personal stories to depict the diversity of the Latino community.  Furthermore, the availability of these stories online will enable more people to become aware of the businesses, services, and endeavors spearheaded by Latinos in Durham.  It is our hope that such collaboration between the Latino community and Duke will deepen our knowledge of the Latino community and archive the stories that have been and continue to be important in defining Durham, NC.

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Clina Polloni: Part 1

Clina talks about her work as an artist and a graphic designer.
Clina habla sobre su trabajo como artista y diseñadora gráfica.

Clina Polloni: Part 2

Clina describes the excitement of painting wherever she is: Chile, Ecuador, North Carolina, etc.
Clina describe la emoción de pintar en cualquier lugar: Chile, Ecuador, Carolina del Norte, etc.

Clina Polloni: Part 3

Clina talks about Latino/a identity, her family background, and the diversity of cultures within Chile and the US.
Clina habla sobre la identidad latina, su historia familial y la diversidad de culturas dentro de Chile y los EEUU.

Clina Polloni: Part 4

Clina expresses her belief that art is emotional and cultural but not political.
Clina expresa su creencia que el arte es sentimental y cultural pero no político.

Clina Polloni: Part 5

Clina believes that there is a positive influence between a multitude of cultures in the US.
Clina cree que hay una influencia positiva entre las múltiples culturas en los EEUU.