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Casa de Campo painting can be done in 2 medias, Oil Paintings or Acrylics.

Casa de Campo PaintingAcrylics:

There are many brands of acrylic paintings that I have tested but the one that I like the most is: SOHO, Urban Artistic Acrylic: Excellent paintings, sold at more reasonable price by Jerry’s Arterama. 3060 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609. (919) 876-6610

Oil Paintings:

You can buy them at Michael’s, ACMoore, but again the most affordable ones are at Jerry’s Arterama and their brand is LUKAS.

Canvas: 16″x20″


Titanium White
Ivory Black
Flesh or Portrait Pink
Cadmium Red Medium (Hue)
Cadmium Yellow Light (Hue)
Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue)
Venetian Red
Yellow Ochre
Sap Green or Hookers Green
Cerulean Blue (Hue)
Alizarin Crimson
Burnt Sienna
Raw Sienna
Raw Umber

Brushes: multi-purpose, polyvalent. There is a 10pc “Artist’s Loft” that provides most of the brushes for the beginning or the Pro Stroke-Power Creative Mark of Jerry’s Arterama.
Black fine point Sharpie and pencil to draw.
Palette knife
Heavy Gesso, white
Easel (a simple table metal easel is fine)
Paper towel
Plastic plate to mix colors or a Paper Palette. SOHO has a very reasonable paper palette at Jerry’s Arterama.
For Oil paintings, the best media is Refined Linseed Oil and Refined Turpentine. To clean the brushes Turpernoi. Glass container to mix media.

I do the classes at my home studio, and you can go to the web page for map and directions and more information:


If you have a question, please call me at 919-841-3132.

Looking forward to paint together,