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How to Built an Art Studio.
It All Started with a Dream.

Art StudioThis is video of a slide presentation, step by step, of the construction of my art studio until it was finished:

  1. First was the drawings and planning, dreaming about the final studio. I did so many drawings, changed my mind so many times, added space, took space out because I had a budget.
  2. Took the plans to the Franklin County to get the building permits. They didn’t approved our plans, so I had to hire a Structural Engineer.
  3. Once the plans were approved, we started building in the winter of 2015-2016, through ice, rain and some times snow. We have to thanks Justiniano Teofilo Perez, his brother Efren and his team for the amazing job that they did. With such a good spirit to solve the problems and continue working. We used to meet at 7:00am at the hardware store to get the materials.
  4. Finally it was finished, I hanged my paintings. Start exhibiting and the students came to classes.
  5. Thank you to my husband for his support and patience and my family and friends.

You are cordially invited to “Marigold Plantation”
To visit Clina Polloni Art Studio and Gallery
13 Garner Road, Franklinton, NC 27527
Take a drive to the beautiful country of North Carolina. Only half an hour from downtown Raleigh.

Call Clina: 919-841-3132
Email: clinapolloni@gmail.com