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Fishing Before The Storm in North CarolinaFishing Before The Storm in NC

North Carolina has beautiful lakes and in a lassie day of summer, it is so much fun to go fishing. Suddenly!! the skies will rumble, the storm is coming and the clouds will turn darker in harmonies of violets, dark blues and grays.


Oil Paintings:
You can buy them at Michael’s, ACMoore, but again the most affordable ones are at Jerry’s Arterama and their brand is LUKAS.

Fishing Before The Storm in NCCanvas: 30″x36″


  1. Titanium White
  2. Cadmium Yellow Light
  3. Cadmium Red Medium
  4. Flesh, Portrait Pink or Pale Pink
  5. Alizarin Crimson
  6. Violet Windsor
  7. Dioxazine Purple
  8. Yellow Ochre
  9. Raw Sienna
  10. Burnt Sienna
  11. Burnt Umber
  12. Cerulean Blue
  13. Ultramarine Blue
  14. Prussian Blue
  15. Sap Green
  16. Greenish Umber
  17. Ivory Black

Brushes, multi-purpose, polyvalent. There is a 10pc “Artist’s Loft” at Michael’s, they provides most of the brushes for the beginning or the Pro Stroke-Power Creative Mark of Jerry’s Arterama.
For Oil paintings, the best media is Refined Linseed Oil with Refined Turpentine. To clean the brushes Turpernoi. Glass container to mix media, I have some containers in the studio.
Brown and black fine point Sharpie.
Easel (a simple table metal easel is fine).
Paper towel.
Plate to mix colors or a Paper Palette. SOHO has a very reasonable paper palette at Jerry’s Arterama.

You can learn and enjoy to do this painting in the painting classes:
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Email: clinapolloni@gmail.com

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Take a drive to the beautiful country of North Carolina. Only half an hour from downtown Raleigh.