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Gold Labrador Retriever Oil PortraitAn oil portrait of a Gold Labrador Retriever.

When I was commissioned to paint Buffy’s Pet Portrait, I was fascinated by the beauty of this Gold Labrador Retriever. The expression of her eyes was all about love and caring for her family.  Painting her eyes and the many colors of his hair was a wonderful experience. I put her in a background of white snow because she loved to play in it.

Gold Labrador Retriever Oil PortraitCanvas: 16″x20″

Instructions and Progression:

  1. Draw and paint the under-paint: It was done in acrylics because they dry faster and it gives you the opportunity to paint immediately. Use Raw Sienna mixed with Titanium White.
  2. Paint the background: Start by painting the snow using oil painting.
  3. Start up with Buffy’s face: Put special detail in the eyes, hair and nose. It will give you a better understanding of her features.
  4. Paint Buffy’s body: Taking advantage of the texture and the many gold tones of her hair.

Gold Labrador Retriever Oil PortraitColors:

  1. Titanium White
  2. Flesh, Portrait Pink or Pale Pink
  3. Cadmium Yellow Light
  4. Cadmium Yellow Medium
  5. Yellow Ochre
  6. Raw Sienna
  7. Burnt Sienna
  8. Van Dyck Brown
  9. Royal Blue
  10. Prussian Blue
  11. Ivory Black

Gold Labrador Retriever Oil PortraitBrushes, multi-purpose, polyvalent, from the finest 0 to 6.
For Oil paintings, the best media is Refined Linseed Oil with Refined Turpentine. To clean the brushes Turpernoi. Glass container to mix media.
Easel (a simple table metal easel is fine).
Paper towel.
Plastic plate to mix colors or a Paper Palette.

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