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Take a step back into colonial times in North Carolina during this living history event!

Clina Polloni Colonial Artist NC. Paintings of people.Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017.
Time: From 10am to 5pm.
Location: Downtown Louisburg at River Bend Park, NC.
Free Admission and Open to the Public.

Bring your family and friends to celebrate our past culture and heritage. Learn through live demonstrations varied aspects of the life in colonial times: cooking, yarn-weaving, doll-making, and more. Story telling and music will cheer your day.

Click the images to view a large painting >>

Weaving The Yarn at the Tar River NCClina Polloni will be demonstrating how to paint with oils and also will exhibit two of her colonial paintings: “Weaving The Yarn At The Tar River NC” and ” Cooking On An Open Fire In NC”

I am doing a collection of paintings of ” Colonial People of North Carolina”. Inspired by the historical sites that my husband Thom and I had visited, and my great admiration for the pioneers that came to this land, with dreams and hopes of a new home. “The motif of the human figure in a dialogue with natures light and colors”.

For more information about The River of Yesteryear of visit:
Clina Polloni: 919-841-3132, Cooking On An Open Fire in NCemail clinapolloni@gmail.com, visit http://www.clinapolloni.com/

You are also invited to visit the booth of the Franklin County Art Council. Dawn Lancaster is an Eco Artist and she will be demonstrating this art.