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Cooking On An Open Fire NC, Oil painting 30″x40″ by Clina Polloni

Cooking On An Open Fire NCI am doing a collection of paintings of ”Colonial People of North Carolina”. Inspired by the historical sites that we had visited with my husband Thom. I have a great admiration of the pioneers that came to this land, with dreams and hopes of a new home in North Carolina. Life was so difficult, they had to clear the forest to plant their food. Built their homes and provide their families with a productive and healthy life.

Clina Polloni is a contemporary artist born in Chile. Her oil paintings are inspired by her love for people, animals and nature. Her new project: “The motif of the human figure in a dialogue with natures light and colors.” In these new paintings she is portraying the people of North Carolina in their environment and activities, representing the colonial times and history of our state.

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Cooking On An Open Fire-DrawingInstructions of how to do this painting:

  1. Start by drawing the ladies and landscape defining the light and the shade. Look at image.
  2. Do your under-paint or imprimatura with a wash of acrylic gold and silver. Acrylics are very good for under-painting because they dry faster. They creates a worm color that once you put the oils in the top, they look brighter.

Start painting with oils in the following order because it is going to be easier for you:

  1. Cooking On An Open Fire-UnderpaintUsing oils, start painting the background, stones and wall.
  2. Using oils paint the skin, blending light and shade to the color of the skin. Paint the f
    eatures of the face, hands and foot.
  3. Paint hair and clothes.
  4. Paint open fire, cooking dishes and food.
  5. Sign your work of art.

You can learn and enjoy to do this painting in the painting classes:
Call Clina: 919-841-3132
Email: clinapolloni@gmail.com

Visit Clina Polloni Art Studio and Gallery.
13 Garner Road, Franklinton NC 27527.
Take a drive to the beautiful country of North Carolina. Only half an hour from downtown Raleigh.

Clina Polloni Colonial Artist NC. Paintings of people.Serving Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, Franklinton and The Triangle Are of North Carolina.
Member of the board of The Franklin County Art Council, Wilson Art Council and Wake Forest Guild of Artists, of North Carolina.