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“The Fishermen”

Oil Painting by Clina Polloni

“The Fishermen”, this painting was done in the beautiful fishing town of Constitución, Chile. Based on a painting that my great-grandfather did in 1913. Bright and changing colors of the sunset, the fishermen were coming back with their rich catch on a summer evening after a day at the sea.

The Fishermen, painting of Constitucion, Chile.

Who could imagine that almost a hundred years after, this village was going to be destroyed by the fury of the waters, an earthquake and tsunami that killed 350 people in Constitución, Chile. March 1, 2010.

Antonio Polloni Guzman

Antonio Polloni, My Great Grandfather.

He was a talented Chilean Artist. He painted with oils winning many prices for his art. In 1920 he received the 1st National Award for his self portrait “El Pobre Diablo” (“The Pour Devil”). He was also a very well known Chilean photographer, commissioned by the Chilean Navy, traveling through the Chilean territory taking panoramic photos, unifying his photos one by one in his laboratory creating a horizontal photo of the landscape.