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Cooking On An Open Fire in NCClina Polloni will be exhibiting two paintings from October 17th to 27th at the Kerr Scott Bldg. FINE ARTS & PHOTOGRAPHY:

Portraying the People of North Carolina

“Cooking on An Open Fire In NC”. Oil painting 30″x 40″. Inspired by my great admiration of the pioneers that came to this land.

“The Gourd Artist”. 24″x 30″. This oil painting is in honor of all the gourd artists of NC that works their craft in silence.

The Gourd Artist of NC

Clina Polloni is a contemporary artist born in Chile. Her oil paintings are inspired by her love for people, animals and nature. Her new project: “The motif of the human figure in a dialogue with natures light and colors.” In these new paintings she is portraying people in their environment and activities, representing the American and Hispanic Culture.