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Drawing with Acrylics by Clina Polloni

The Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom! Let’s learn how to draw with acrylics.

This are difficult times for all of us, we have to stay home with the Coronavirus. Go outside, take your family and draw the beautiful flowers of Spring!

Cherry Blossom Trees Drawing

Cherry Blossom Trees Drawing

Instructions of this drawing:

  1. Go outside, in this painting is the back yard of my house. Select the flowers that you would like to paint. 2. Draw with pencils first to create a general composition of your painting.
  2. Use your acrylics with lots of water because they flow better, impregnating your canvas, don’t leave spots without paint. Acrylics are very good for under-painting because they dry faster. They create a worm color that once you finish your final painting with oils or acrylics in the top, they look brighter.
  3. Apply a coat of washed Titanium White and Cerulean Blue over the area of the sky and a coat of washed Sap Green over the grass.
  4. Start drawing with Ivory Black: trunk of trees, house (including inside of windows) and details of landscape.
  5. With Titanium White and Yellow Ochre paint over house. Magenta for the flowers of the cherry blossom trees and Sap Green over the dogwood tree.

Canvas: 16″x 16″


  1. Titanium White
  2. Cerulean Blue
  3. Yellow Ochre
  4. Sap Green
  5. Magenta
  6. Ivory Black

There are many affordable brushes in the market:
Walmart: FolkArt, Gold Taklon, fine details and shading.
Michael’s: 10pc “Artist’s Loft” white synthetic brushes.
Jerry’s Arterama: Pro Stroke-Power Creative, fine and medium brushes.

Easel (a simple table metal easel is fine).

Paper towel.

Plate to mix colors or a paper/plastic Palette. SOHO has a very reasonable paper palette at Jerry’s Arterama.

For information about this drawing visit: https://clinapolloni.com/cherry-blossom-trees-drawing/

Call Clina: 919-841-3132

Email: clinapolloni@gmail.com

The Cherry Blossom Trees Drawing and instructions are © of Clina Polloni.