Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits by Artist Clina Polloni, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, NC

The essence of painting a pet portrait is the expression of the eyes. Eyes that express love for their family, always content and always ready to wag their tails. When I start painting a pet, I talk to their owners, I like to know all about their personalities, their life among the family and what makes them happy.

Let me paint a portrait of your pet in lively and colorful oil paintings. All I require from you is a good photograph to work from. Call me at 919-841-3132 or send me an email at

This oil painting is in memory of  Ringo, he was a border Collie mix. He was a sweet gentle loving soul, he had such soulful eyes too. He would never hurt another creature. His portrait is done in a realism technique, his face is about real size. His expressing eyes and the colorful brush strokes of his hair will always have a presence in Ringo’s home and family.


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