Gabriela Zabala

What you have seen in the title is my complete name as my parents baptized when I was born in Ecuador.  Under that beautiful long name you have a simple down to earth artist who likes to contemplate the clouds, play with her dog, write e-mails to her sons, Christopher and Ricardo, call her older mother at least once a week, dance, cook and smell Ecuadorian food, sit and meditate in front of the lake, paint and write poems, read, learn and care for her dear friends.

I work to improve the health of the Latino population in North Carolina.  However my wish is to become a full time artist and travel all over the world learning about other cultures values and beliefs.

My paintings are not good looking, but they are my true self wherever stage in life I am.  My poems are simple, meaningful and an expression of whom I am in relation to a higher self and the real world.

I try to live a life where I learn from my mistakes and with integrity this is me…Gaby.

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