Liliana Berman

Liliana Berman was born in Santiago, Chile.

I have had a very exciting life. I have had two careers, one in science, where things are black or white, and the other in health and social science, where things are always gray.  I taught and did research in chemistry at the university level for 15 years, and recently I have taken care of people from different backgrounds and cultures. I have two children, whom I am very proud of, two grandsons, a beautiful granddaughter, and one more grandchild on its way. They are all very precious to me. Living in three countries, Chile, Mexico and the U.S., each one with a culture of its own, has enriched my life in a unique way. In the future I look forward to reducing my workload; spending more time with my dear husband, family, and friends; learning languages such as Portuguese and Italian; and continuing learning how to paint. I also would like to continue swimming and playing tennis.

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