Aparna Singh

Aparna Singh, was born in India, living in Cary. North Carolina.

My name is Aparna Singh and I was recently blessed with a baby. I paint because I love to. Colors make me happy as do flowers, trees, grass, birds, sunshine…

When I came to Clina I was pregnant with my baby and undergoing a lot of work related stress. I needed a break from it all and a respite to go into my happy place. Clina not only gave me that but a whole lot more. She was kind, compassionate, loads of fun and a wonderful teacher. She taught me everything from how to hold a brush to what kind of brushes, paints and canvas to use. But most importantly she taught me how to discover the artist within me and set her free. She never imposed her style on me; she gave me the tools and techniques and then encouraged me to do what gave me joy. With her time would just fly and I would spend hours in my happy place. I feel blessed to have found a teacher and friend like her.

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