Patricia Medina

Martha Patricia Medina-Ascanio

I was born and raised in Mexico City in April 19, 1957. Member of a large family (parents, 4 sisters and 2 brothers). I was fortunate to grow up with people who love music and art appreciation. My grandfather was a pianist and my grandmother use to sing like a soprano. I was introduced and influenced to paint by my father, a chemist who was a great water color amateur artist and art lover. When I was a teenager I studied Interior Design and years after I majored in architecture. During those years, I was involved in several projects that let me develop professionally in those areas and let me confirm my love to art.  In 1995, by destiny reasons, I moved to Sacramento, CA, to collaborate for the government of Mexico working for our community that lives in this country. In 2001 I was promoted and transferred to Raleigh, NC. a place that I’ve found lovely people, beautiful nature and the possibility to take again my artistic side. But my life could not be complete without my wonderful daughters Mariana 22 and Diana 18. Together we’ve been discovering day by day the importance to live abroad, keeping our values, helping our people and learning from it.

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